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25 Random Things About Me

© The Rev. C. Joshua Villines

Atlanta, Georgia

January 26, 2009

This is from a very old early blog post. The original post isn't around, but I archived it here. I should probably update to higher-res images someday.

Tiger Drinking

1. I rarely drink anything besides water (sparkling or still, I do like variety you know). The usual alternatives are juice or a fruit smoothie.

Joshua in Uniform

2. I have worked in a wide variety of fields. I love the challenge of learning new skills and information, and then integrating it with skills and knowledge gained in other areas.

Joshua's Family

3. I value time with my wife and son over anything and everything. I don't care who you are or what the personal or professional gain might be from attending a particular event, I will blow you off to spend time with Brigit and John Francis.

Rory Phillips Comic

4. I love Science Fiction and Fantasy novels.

Rainy Day

5. I really like rainy days.

Sean & Joshua

6. I am highly selective about my close friends, and fiercely loyal to them.

Tie Dye

7. I never outgrew my hippie idealism from college.

Holy Grail

8. I think that doing something because "most" people or "normal" people do it is a really terrible idea. In fact, I immediately question the logic or quality of an idea or behavior if it's popular.

Brigit & Joshua

9. My wife is my best friend, and our relationship is one of affectionate intimacy. I'm amazed by how many people don't seem to want this from a spouse, and instead spend much of their lives bitching about how little they have in common with the person they married.

Taxonomy of Learning

10. I like organizing physical objects and ideas. This is obvious if you open any drawer I've been near (mine or otherwise) and if you read my research. I like taxonomies and putting things in boxes, which drives my dear friend Katy crazy. (I've put her in the "doesn't like to be put in a box" box.)

Carter Family

11. I love roots music and old shape note gospel hymns.

Die Hard Poster

12. I enjoy banal TV programs and feel good movies (especially with gratuitous nudity and/or explosions), and I usually have the TV on while I'm working.

Granpa Vanderhof

13. I want to grow up to be Grandpa Martin Vanderhof from Frank Capra's "You Can't Take It With You."

Karl Barth

14. I think the profound spiritual insights of our ancestors in the faith should be preserved without fettering them with the cultural assumptions of the eras in which those ancestors lived. If that sentence makes sense to you, you'll understand my theological writings and public stances on social issues. If it doesn't, no amount of explaining on my part will help.

It's a Wonderful Life cast photo

15. My greatest hope for John Francis is that he will grow up to be someone who thinks deeply and loves generously.

Bread and Cheese

16. Fresh-baked bread and sharp (vegan) cheese is one of my favorite combinations in the world.


17. I used to write a lot of poetry, now I write a lot of prose. I think that what I lost in artistry I gained in clarity.

Dad and Joshua

18. I've learned more from Dad than I have, cumulatively, from everyone else in my life.


19. I wish I were more kind.

Car Wreck

20. When I think about the number of stupid things I survived to learn the lessons I have learned, I am tempted to lock John-Francis up until he's 30.

HTML Coding

21. I can design web pages from scratch using a text editor, but I prefer not to.

The Brain

22. I have never done any illegal drugs or smoked cigarettes. I hate both vices with a passion, the former because it makes you stupid and the latter because it killed three of my four grandparents. I don't drink, but did occasionally as a teenager. Also not my thing.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

23. Although I test as an extrovert, and think of myself as one, I rarely enjoy parties with large groups of people I don't know these days. I find I like fewer and fewer people the older I get, and that my tendency to speak frankly offends most people.

ENTP Squirrels with Lightsabers

24. I think scientifically calibrated personality assessments are useful, and that Internet ones can be fun, so I keep results from both here: . I am the platonic ideal of an ENTP

Bernard Fall
Bernard Fall

25. Nearly all of my diverse skills have something to do with words or weaponry, and I think it's important that every person be willing to use both to defend those who are in positions of vulnerability.

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