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Files for Friends

If I told you that I would put a file on my web page for you, it should be here:

Resources for the Galloway Community

Grandma Virginia's Bread Recipe

Military Leadership Reference

Camping Checklist (Word Document)

My Spreadsheet for the Grape - Apple - Plum Math Riddle: Zip / XLS / XLSX

Wedding Packet - For couples who are interested in having me perform their wedding










Some of the files offered here may be Shareware programs which require registration for continued use or full operation.
All Shareware/Freeware programs are offered here in the exact format in which I downloaded them.
I am not responsible for their content, or any effect that they may have on your computer.
Please see the software author if you have any additional questions.
In addition, do not stand in the middle of freeways or on very steep ledges (unless you are on belay).
Gravity is not always your friend. Always get things in writing.

Don't be stupid.