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Links to my Friends

Friends' Websites

Andy Spinks - The only other person I know who takes taxonomy as seriously as I do

First Baptist Church Johnston (IA) - Pastored by my friend Timothy Bonney

Grabbing Sand - the musings of Thomas Strickland, itinerant troubadour

Jennifer Daniels - Go hear her live every chance you get.

La Lilandejo - The Esperanto-friendly site of the brilliant linguist Leland Ross

Leslie McClure - If you're in Nashville, try and catch one of her shows

Zenith Design Group - Run by Bonnie Buckner Reavis

Friends' Blogs

Adventures of Ms. and Miss - Now if I could only remember who is who

Chip the Baptist - Chip's sense of humor is even funnier than his clothing

Earth Chick Knits - I really should learn to knit some day

Exeterra - Postings from Chris Duke at the University of Exeter

Flick's Flickerings - David and I will never agree on animal rights, but he's a good guy

Homnoj Kaj Himnologio - Leland Ross' Esperanto Hymnology Blog

Live the Trinity - The Blog of the Most Excellent Rev. Dr. Rick Wright

Q-Factor - By my friend Jeni Q